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Holistic Kinesiology

Chinese medicine books on a shelf about kinesiology in Ferntree GullyThe art and science of Kinesiology uses biofeedback in the form of muscle monitoring to ascertain stress in the physical and energetic structures of the body. The same process is used to identify techniques that will restore the body back to its original balance.

The beauty of kinesiology lies directly in its ability to access the subconscious mind of the patient, allowing an opportunity for the body to speak about what is going below the level of conscious awareness. As an integrated approach to healing, kinesiology treats the person as a whole rather than a sum of the parts.

Using principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in particular the Five Element model, we are able to look deeper into a person’s being, understanding that as important as the patient’s symptoms are, they are simply signposts to an underlying imbalance in body, mind & spirit. The gentle use of acupressure, which stimulates the body’s natural self-curative abilities, is able to assist people in becoming themselves more effortlessly by helping remove the obstacles that impede natural self-expression. It is through this ancient wisdom that we are able to deepen our self-understanding and lay the foundation for the return of original nature.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

The greater part of all our actions, responses, feelings, general health and equilibrium is governed by our subconscious or ‘inner mind’. This mind has an enormous impact on everyday health, happiness and harmony, in fact over 90% of our mental energies go into subconscious activity!

The power of the subconscious comes from the emotions, while the conscious mind thinks, the subconscious mind feels. When the energy available to the conscious mind is insufficient to handle an emotional experience, the emotion is repressed (taken over by the subconscious) where it continues to draw power. Unless the emotion is eventually dealt with in some way it will have a continuous ongoing energy drain on our system. As time goes by and our energy reserves are no longer able to cope with conflicting demands there is likely to be a failure of some functions. Physical and mental conditions are often not the problem but more so a manifestation of the problem, and this is why there is so much more to our health problems than meets the eye. Mind and body are inseparable and that which effects one will inevitably affect the other.

Kinesiology and the Subconscious Mind

Kinesiology’s greatest potential is its ability to tap into our own mind-body wisdom. By shedding light on what is having a direct influence on the body’s processes we are given the key to unlocking peoples mental, emotional and physical pain. By locating the root cause of the problem, which is generally a feeling not a fact, we are able to gently and effectively release the problem from the grips of our subconscious mind. Anything short of effectively dealing with the original cause of the problem will achieve only temporary relief. The important part of healing is not focused on becoming consciously aware of repressed emotions rather their release from the subconscious mind which drives so much of our behaviour. By bridging this gap between body, mind and spirit we are able to discover our innate wholeness of who we truly are, giving ourselves back to ourselves – to our original nature – so that we are able to manifest our true potential despite the trials and tribulations that have occurred along the way.

How Kinesiology Heals

Statue Mind-body medicine is based on the view that our deeply held beliefs and impressions play a large role in creating health and dis-ease. Every thought process invokes a physiological response, so each time we think we make a chemical in a matter of seconds. The brain is in constant communication with the body – this is the mind-body connection. Kinesiology uses this wisdom in the form of muscle monitoring to address the connection between the patients consciousness and his or her complaints. Our bodies are wonderful awe inspiring beings that given the opportunity know how to heal. The process of healing involves fusing together the fracture that splits body from mind and erasing dysfunctional patterns that contribute to the dis-ease state. Due to the nature of us as unique individuals with our own unique life experiences no two kinesiology sessions will ever be the same. Under the guiding influence of the client’s innate wisdom we are given the key to unlocking their mental, emotional and physical pain. The various tools I use in my practice are mostly in the form of vibrational medicine and include over 300 flower essence remedies, coloured light, sound, touch and acupressure. Vibrational healing is a powerful form of medicine that bypasses the physical, has the ability to clear old limiting beliefs and effectively restores and promotes free flowing vital energy to the cells and tissues of our body. Lifestyle modifications and nutritional recommendations form part of the whole client approach.

Kinesiology, Vibrational Medicine & the Manifestation of Dis-ease

Flower Essences The energy field that surrounds and penetrates all living systems is referred to as the ‘etheric body’. It is believed that the etheric body is an energetic growth template which guides the growth and development as well as the dysfunction and demise of all human beings. It is through the use of vibrational medicine that we are able to reach and heal these higher dimensional energy systems which control our cellular physiology and behavioural patterns of expression. The acupuncture meridians, the chakras and nadis, the etheric body are all parts of this multidimensional anatomy which has been long recognised by ancient schools of healing throughout the world.

Higher vibrational energies are the first energies to be unbalanced by physiological stresses developing within the body. They can, therefore, be thought of as the body’s “early warning system”. From what is known about the etheric body, diseases appear to be seen in the etheric field weeks and months prior to their becoming manifest in the physical body. Through Kinesiology we are able to assess the integrity and energy balance of the meridian and chakra systems which is crucial to the health and maintenance of the physical body. The ability to be able to measure and correct subtle physiological imbalances in the body has huge potential for dis-ease prevention and the return to our original nature.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras penetrate all levels of the etheric body from the spiritual to the physical and provide a conduit for cosmic energy to be transduced or stepped down to physiological levels via their relationship to the endocrine system and autonomic nerve plexuses. Anatomically, each major chakra is associated with a major nerve plexus and a major endocrine gland, therefore their ability to have an impact on the nervous and hormonal systems comes to no surprise. Although chakras are not physical entities in and of themselves, they have a strong effect upon the body, the way we think, feel and handle situations that life presents us. Chakras receive, assimilate and express life force energy and are important keys to unlocking our true potential in various aspects of our lives. Each chakra spins at a unique frequency to radiate perfect health, if however this frequency is disrupted or worse still, becomes blocked, our optimum health and equilibrium soon become compromised.

Kinesiology is able to locate the “root cause” of chakra imbalances and with the use of alternative therapies such as sound, colour and crystal healing is able to correct these tendencies toward dysfunction and create momentum towards health and healing.

Vibrational Healing with Flower Essences

Our subtle energy bodies play a major role in maintaining our health. Dis-ease becomes manifest in the physical body only after disturbances of energy flow have already become manifest in the subtle structural patterns in the higher frequency bodies. One of the best ways to alter dysfunctional patterns in the subtle body is in the form of vibrational medicine.
Vibrational medicines are usually essences or tinctures which are charged with a particular frequency of subtle energy. The essences of living flowers are among the most ancient of these natural healing modalities. The fact that flower essences come from flowers, which is the most concentrated area of the life-force in plants, is one key reason why there is more life-force in flower essences than in other forms of vibrational medicine. Like homeopathic medicines, flower essences contain minute quantities of physical substance, yet they are considered to be pure vibrational remedies. Flower essences appear to be especially potent in inducing changes in the chakras and subtle bodies.

Unlike therapies which impact solely at the physical level, the energetic patterns contained within the flower essence work at a level of emotional, mental and spiritual vehicles. Qualities of mind and emotion that are expressed through the brain and nervous system are a product of energetic input from the etheric, astral, and mental bodies. By the ability of the flower essences to energetically impact upon these higher bodies, their effects are ultimately able to filter down to the physical body.

Flower essences can help us recognise, resolve or release different conditioned ways of perceiving the world and can help us experience greater well-being and harmony in our lives. They support us in extending our consciousness beyond its present state.