Shamanic Sound, Light and Bodywork Therapy

sound pic 1Shamanic sound, light and bodywork therapy is a therapy combining sound, light and bodywork to bring the mind, body and spirit into greater balance and equilibrium.

Sound, vibration and frequency all have a profound impact on us, in fact harmonics and resonance govern our very existence, forming the building blocks of our reality. Everything we experience is made up of energy, frequency, vibration and sound.

Due to our vibrational nature, sound and light therapy has immense healing and transformational power. I have been guided by spirit to create a healing therapy that incorporates these simple yet effective elements to restore physiological wellbeing. This form of healing specialises in its capacity to bring higher vibrational frequencies into the chakra, meridian and nadi systems for intelligent use by the physical body.

Sound Healing

Much has been written regarding the power of sound and its ability to heal. Sound has the ability to impact us right down to our metabolic processes and DNA. One just has to look to the science of cymatics, the visual representation of the vibrational effect of sound on matter, to get a clear picture on how sound can create a powerful reorganisation and recalibration at the physical level.

I wanted to birth my own sound healing album with specific harmonics and frequencies, that coherently interfaces with the chakra and energetic system using traditional healing musical instruments, such as the African djembe drum and Kora, Australian didgeridoo, Native American flute, crystal singing bowls and crystal harp just to name a few. I entrusted this processes to good friend and talented sound healer Steve Davies to compile and help produce the shamanic sound journey I had envisioned. He has done a remarkable job both musically and vibrationally.

Light Therapy

sound 2Light/colour therapy, otherwise known as chromotherapy has been used in ancient civilisations and heralded as a potent healing tool. Light is the essential spiritual power that exists within us. Molecular structures within the body such as DNA, RNA and proteins, respond to the penetration of light particles, first within the auric field and then secondly by the etheric body. The physical body then transduces these frequencies into usable particles to be used for repairing and regenerating damaged biological processes within the numerous electrical reactions that occur within normal physiology.  The light frequencies of the visible colour spectrum radiate intelligent energy that the life force interprets, then sends out as specific instructions for the healing and regenerating of the physical body. Each colour frequency has specific healing qualities imbued with cohesive information on how best to utilise the radiation for healing purposes. Light has its own intelligence and lifeform, and when interpreted by the body can produce remarkable healing effects on the physical and energetic body. Light is a carrier and as such it is able to carry the healing properties of the sound directly into the subtle and physical bodies.

Bodywork Therapy

Touch by itself is so therapeutic in nature, it induces deep relaxation and feelings of nurturance, love and care. I have channelled a sequence of hand postures which stimulate different energy systems, gently opening up these subtle centres so that they are able to transduce the energy of sound and light into usable energy for the healing and regeneration of the physical body. This allows for the greater transmutation of the more stubborn and engrained patterns that often get locked in at a cellular level and crystallise within the physical body.

Deep Relaxation and Healing

The Shamanic sound, light and bodywork therapy is extremely relaxing, often the deeper state of relaxation the more profound the healing. It is in this deep state of rest the healing takes place, clearing any blocks in the auric field so that the healing and regenerative energies can be anchored into the physical and most densest layer of our being.

Throughout the session the client often gets to experience the wisdom of the sacred and silent mind. It is in this silence that the emergence of the pure and spiritual mind is possible, it is the bridge or vehicle that transcends the barriers of ego and thought and opens a clear communication with spirit, where we enter into the realms of the unseen and eternal.

The power of Sacred Intention

Like everything meaningful I do, it is imbued with sacred intention. Focused and deliberate intention is such a powerful force as it carries through the energy and vibration of what has been intended. I wanted to share the intention and energy that was put into the making of the sound healing journey and was the guidelines I gave to Steve Davies to interpret into sound. I completely surrendered it to spirit. Beautifully Steve Davies decided to do a detox to prepare, he called on his interdimensional Shaman to guide him and asked that each chakra track be the most potent and expansive. He surrendered to his own spirit and channelled the music for me. Above all, may my clients always experience what they need most and bring their own sacred intention into their journey.

Base/Earth star Chakra

  • Sacred connection to our Mother Earth – her heart, her womb, her frequency, her truth, her immense healing and regenerative capabilities
  • Tribal ties to our ancestors and the wisdom and medicine they carry that we can access thru cellular memory & the collective consciousness – let us reawaken and remember the time where we were ONE with nature and all life forms
  • To fully come into the body, our physicality, to honour this sacred vessel , to be proud of it, to respect it, to love it, to feel safe in it, to feel secure in it, to own it proudly, to realise its power and potential to feel, to know, to experience
  • Invoking and connecting to the Devic realm – the benevolent nature and plant spirits – the mineral kingdom – to call forth their potent healing frequencies to help support and guide this session


Sacral Chakra

  • Awakening and heightening our capacity to feel things deeply – our senses, sensuality, sexuality, connection to self – connection to other, to be moved by life, the music, the breath, the sacredness and simplicity of it all – to fully come into feeling (out of mind, ego – into heart into feeling)
  • To allow ourselves to feel and process that in which needs to be felt and expressed – to feel held enough to be able to go there, to surrender and trust in the healing process
  • Calling forth our creative power & potential
  • Honouring, acknowledging and healing our divine feminine – Sister Moon


Solar Plexus

  • Invoking the inner healer and shaman within, getting in touch with our higher power, our personal power, our strength, our courage our conviction to be the best version of ourselves we can be – to rise – to conquer
  • To journey into the shadow – to meet with it, to face it, to not be afraid of it, to learn from it and realise it carries to your wisdom and can be your most potent medicine
  • Honouring, acknowledging and healing our divine masculine – Brother Sun


Heart Chakra

  • To enter into the sacred chamber of the heart
  • To immerse and bathe ourselves in heart medicine – the medicine that can heal all wounds, even the deepest.
  • To allow ourselves to meld and merge with a divine power and force far greater than our own – to feel our vastness and expansion into something much bigger
  • To see all as sacred and all as ONE
  • To feel and know all of this at a cellular level


Throat Chakra

  • To come into our heightened power and potential thru the crossing of the rainbow bridge
  • To find our authentic voice and expression
  • To have the clarity and conviction to express and birth our true selves
  • To be able to manifest our soul’s path and purpose


Third Eye

  • To see and know our true wisdom and that ALL lies within
  • To tap into our vast knowingness and intuition – our higher source of knowing that goes beyond the intellect
  • Profound visions and insights
  • A sacred container to meet with any spirit guides, beings, totems, power animals, allies
  • Accessing a higher source of creativity, knowledge, wisdom


Crown Chakra

  • Allowing our soul to resonate with our core truth
  • To feel the divine’s presence that lives in all things
  • To transcend beyond the physical to experience the non-physical
  • To experience the void – the emptiness and bliss of no-mind


Soul Star / Cosmic Chakra

  • To be held and healed by the celestial realms, angelics, benevolent star beings, masters etc
  • To vibrate at a much higher frequency
  • To flow in divine unison, mysticism and magic
  • To remember more of who you are and your sacred purpose for being here
  • To embody all of the lessons and wisdom experienced above and to integrate and embody that which needs to be integrated and embodied.
  • To know the alchemy of transformation


This is the space I hold for YOU…