Energy Healing

Part of the reason as to why I studied Kinesiology was to ground my desire to do healing work in anatomy and physiology. I wanted to anchor my esoteric knowledge within the confines and safety of physicality. Hands-on healing work was a little too lofty and scary for me to claim as my profession – despite it being a calling from a young age. So I learned about the body and the manifestation of dis-ease. I certainly don’t know it all and don’t profess to, however learning as much as I can has given me the confidence to work with hundreds of clients and many a condition. The more experienced I become in clinic the more and more I am being guided to go higher – into the realms of our multidimensional anatomy, into the world of energy and spirit.

Although I have always had a love and interest in energy healing and trained with various forms, the most significant event which was the catalyst to my healing abilities was upon meeting a Tibetan Yogi. I had a profound spiritual experience and my hands were further activated from this meeting. My hands channel healing energy and move without the involvement of my conscious/rational mind. Because I work so energetically in clinic I thought I would write about the aura/energetic field.
The recognition that all matter is energy forms the foundation for understanding how human beings can be considered a dynamic energetic system. The body is a complex network of interwoven energy fields that coordinate our life force and animates our physical expression. This energy field is said to guide the growth and development as well as the dysfunction and demise of all human beings. It is these fields which generate physical matter, not the other way around. From what is known about the aura or body’s energetic field, diseases appear to be seen in the etheric field weeks and months prior to their becoming manifest in the physical body.

Our energetic field represents our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. It is comprised of subtle energy on the physical/etheric, astral, mental and casual planes of existence. By rebalancing these energy fields we in turn help to regulate our cellular physiology. Healing that takes place in the higher frequencies of our existence is thought to be more powerful than healing on a physical level. So emotional healing is thought to be more powerful than physical healing, mental healing (thought forms and beliefs) is said to be more powerful than emotional healing and spiritual healing is said to be the most powerful of all. One if my favourite quotes is “Heal the soul first then the mind and body will follow”. This became quite pertinent to me when I received some intuitive guidance to look beyond the physical, it came at a time where I was considering doing another course and felt the need to dig deeper into the workings of the human body. For me, I was instructed to go beyond the physical and into the spiritual domain of our being.

Our unique energy systems are powerfully affected by our emotions, thoughts, spiritual balance as well as nutritional and environmental factors. If the energetic field is healthy and orderly, the body resides in a state of health. When the energetic field is distorted and its organised patterns become disrupted by a wide variety of influences, the physical body slowly follows suit by manifesting dis-ease. Energy healing helps to transform the energetic patterns that create the dysfunctional patterns that ultimately filter down to a physical level. Energy healing in the higher spiritual dimensional frequencies attempts to heal from the primary level of dis-ease, working with distortions at the mental, emotional as well as physical levels of the body. When working at this level I am often working with the client’s higher self, guides, angels and masters as well as the divine source itself, shifting the client back to better balance in mind, body and spirit. Just as I was instructed, working at this multidimensional level is vitally important as dis-ease does not just originate at the physical level, something we often forget.

Tuning into the subtle energies of my clients and using Kinesiology as a tool to probe their higher mind into revealing the root causes of dysfunction or dis-ease, I use energy healing in conjunction with vibrational remedies such as flower essences to shift disharmonious or abnormal patterns of energy flow that contribute to distress and dis-ease. If you are searching for answers then it’s a possibility that you may need to look a little higher, into the multidimensional anatomy of your being, beyond the physical plane.