Cutting the ties that bind

A long time ago, before I got into the healing arts, I came across and purchased a book called “Cutting the ties that Bind” by Phyllis Krystal. This book discusses a healing technique which cuts the ties which bind us to people, things, events, ways of life, to anything which prevents us from being free. I decided to write an article on cutting the ties that bind as it comes up countless times in my clients Kinesiology sessions, often to mine and my client’s surprise.

What I see most in clinic is ties to past relationships, childhood and traumatic events – all things that bind and block us from being who we really are. There are also more subtle attachments, such as to strong emotions or appetites for things such as food, alcohol, money and power to name a few. For the purpose of this article I am going to use the example of us being “bound” energetically to an ex-partner, for anyone who has been in a relationship should find this concept easy to understand.

Our lives intertwine with another’s for our mutual learning and we attract to ourselves those people and experiences we need to teach us whatever it is we need to learn. Two people who have a close relationship with one another invariably project part of themselves onto the other so that neither is a clear-cut and separate individual. Parts of us merge with the other and vice versa and we often absorb and identify with these projections like an overlay covering the real self. These projections, such as emotions, thought-forms and ways of being, if not detached from the personality so to speak, can be the cause of imbalance and dysfunction within the psyche. We accept them as ours when in fact they are someone else’s. Energetically sensitive people have this all the time. This projection is not just a one sided affair – we too can project thoughts and feelings onto another having an effect on a deep unconscious level.

My clients are often shocked at the revelation that they are still energetically “bound” to a previous partner and the fact that they are still carrying the projections from an old relationship. Feelings such as anger, hurt, jealousy, even revenge are often uncovered creating disharmony within the client’s mind-body-spirit. It is however, interesting to note that many of my clients would randomly think or dream of their ex-partners whilst this energetic interaction was still intact, then marvelled at the fact that once the ties were cut they ceased thinking of them all together.

In order to be completely free, we need to be detached from anyone or anything that binds or dominates us, to sever all the negative attachments to people and things that interfere with our physical, emotional and spiritual development. Cutting the ties that bind help people reconnect with the source of wisdom within them and connect back to their true essence. This can free one from unhealthy dependence and negative programming. As long as our consciousness is engaged with unresolved feelings, we remain engaged in an energetic link to the person or situations that caused them. This can quite literally make it difficult for us to engage in life in the present or completely move on.

I am grateful for Phyllis Krystal’s technique and its use in my Kinesiology practice. If this resonates with you, please contact my clinic for further details.