Gluten: Is this the cause of your health complaints?

Gluten Gluten: Is this the cause of your health complaints? You can have gluten sensitivity without having full blown celiac disease and it can be just as devastating to your health. Sadly, a great number of people with gluten sensitivity are suffering from a wide range of health complaints yet are unaware that their health problems stem from a gluten intolerance/sensitivity. Gluten, as with any food sensitivity, causes body wide inflammation and produces a wide range of effects including effects on the brain, heart, joints and digestive tract.   Gluten sensitivity has been linked to most auto-immune diseases including but not limited to multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel diseases, in fact gluten sensitivity has been linked to 55 diseases in total – even autism in children! More minor complaints include fatigue, anxiety and depression – this from a grain huh… If you have any chronic illness or health complaint it is important to look for gluten sensitivity as a possible root cause. One of the primary causes of inflammation is food sensitivities, if you eat the foods that you are sensitive to, you will inflame (inflammation is one of the major causes of obesity).  This causes havoc on both your digestive and immune system, leading to a host of other potential problems.  Systemic inflammation has been linked to a myriad of health diseases including cancer – and unfortunately you can have inflammation without even knowing it. I refer to it as the silent assassin and it has been dubbed the 21st century’s silent killer. I don’t mean to get all serious on you but chronic inflammation can be deadly, especially over prolonged periods. If you feel gluten may be a problem for you please get in contact and we can run a serum (blood) profile to see if you are producing antibodies to gluten, gliadin and transglutaminase. This requires a blood draw from Melbourne pathology the results will be sent for analysis and then come back to me for follow up. Alternatively you can eliminate gluten from your diet completely for 2 – 4  weeks and see how you feel.