Kinesiologist in Ferntree Gully Melbourne

Pile of books about spiritual healing in Ferntree GullyThe 21st century demands a different approach to health and healing. More and more people are becoming disenchanted with the main stream medical model and are seeking alternative solutions to get to the underlying cause of their health complaints. As a culture we are becoming increasingly aware that by looking at our health as the sum of parts or in isolation, is not achieving the results we desire. Instead we are yearning to be viewed as an integrated whole, in which all components of mind, body and spirit interact together functionally to create health and vitality.

The “tree of health” featured on this page highlights how I approach my client’s heath concerns. Symptoms are represented as the leaves; they are above ground and are what we can see. More often than not these are the primary health concerns presented in clinic. Symptoms are the way the body speaks or communicates a deeper imbalance within the body. Whilst temporary relief of symptoms is often required – it does not get to the underlying root cause. Here we have to go below the ground, to what we can’t see, where we find a framework for how the body’s physiologic systems are linked together and how imbalances within these areas have a domino effect on the system as a whole. By going beneath the surface we uncover a matrix of root causes and begin to understand how these have altered the client’s physiology and state of mind. This is much more powerful than just treating the end stage manifestations of that altered physiology in the form of symptom suppression. This is a true patient centred approach, for each client represents a unique and interwoven set of influences that sets the stage for their current health status and no two clients are the same.

The combination of Kinesiology, a form of mind-body medicine which addresses the connection between a patients consciousness and his or her complaints, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, a modality which seeks the underlying hidden internal stressors within the hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification and intestinal barrier systems, is a very powerful approach to health and well-being. By harnessing both of these wonderful modalities we start to re-balance the internal and external factors in mind, body and spirit.

Mind, body, spirit The body has an innate ability and desire to be healthy. Given the opportunity it also has the amazing capacity to heal itself. Through practising Kinesiology I have seen the phenomena of the mind-body connection constantly at work, where emotional or psychological factors are responsible for changes in physiology. Some examples include: an emotion stopping a cell taking-up a vital nutrient; a thought-form triggering imbalances within the hormonal system; a supressed trauma causing an organ system to become imbalanced; a deeply held belief causing neurotransmitter irregularities – the list is endless. Restore balance and you restore function. The same applies to the more functional imbalances, it’s only the healing approach that differs. Examples of functional imbalances include: hormonal and immune dysfunction, heavy metals, toxins, pathogens, and digestive and detoxification imbalances to name a few. In clinic I have seen clients with hormonal dysfunctions yet other clinicians have put them on anti-depressants or diagnosed them with a certain psychological condition. Clearly this is not the solution to our health concerns. I have helped clients uncover their underlying malfunctions after they have been turned away by their physician with not a solution, but a script. We need to dig deeper, to find the true source of our health complaints so we can allow our body to mend and heal itself so we are able to flourish in life.

In this rich soil, we can engage true holistic healing where all facets of body, mind and spirit are considered as an integrated whole, each having a direct effect on the other. This is essential if we want to journey back to health.