The Power of Plants

Flower from the desert When I first started using flower essences in Kinesiology I did not quite get or appreciate the tremendous healing power of plants, particularly flowers, which is the most concentrated area of the plants life-force.  The name conjured up an image that was ‘floral’ as opposed to one of profound healing, I felt they lacked substance and lacked the credibility that other herbal tinctures had. My mind had casted a judgement, and occasionally I would cringe in clinic (especially if I was working on a man) when I was required to work the essence into a meridian, chakra or the energetic field. I would think OMG what are they thinking! The fish slapping add would come to mind. I never saw the add myself, but I’ve heard enough about it from others to get the picture. My ego desperately did not want to place me in that same category.  In life it can be easy to cast judgements, especially if we lack wisdom and insight, as our minds are very well equipped in discrediting all that is not familiar. How far from their truth I was! It wasn’t until taking an essence for a conditioned belief (one that was limiting and of no value in my life) and having this belief completely eradicated in a matter of weeks that I was able to see the potent power of flower essence remedies.  I had carried that belief around with me for years and all of a sudden it had completely gone, creating a space for its positive counterpart and positive change in my life. It is of no wonder essences of living flowers are among the most ancient natural healing modalities. Flower essences can help us recognise, resolve or release different conditioned ways of perceiving the world and can help us experience greater well-being and harmony in our lives. They support us in extending our consciousness beyond its present state. I am so thankful that I get to work with their energy and vibration – they are an integral part of my practice