Harmonious Pregnancies

Harmonious PregnanciesHaving a baby is unlike any other opportunity that life has to offer. It engages physical, emotional and spiritual forces in the greater dance of creation.  Conceiving and carrying a baby is one of the richest, most potent, most dynamic experience a woman can have. It can be a wonderful opportunity to align your body and soul in a way that puts you in a balanced and optimally healthy state, enriching both you and your future child. From preconception to birth Kinesiology and its innate wisdom can help prepare you for the wonderful journey ahead.


Aboriginal cultures have recognised the influence of the conception environment for millennia. Prior to conceiving a child, couples ceremonially purify their minds and bodies.  Genetic imprinting in the final stages of egg and sperm maturation is said to adjust the activity of specific groups of genes that will shape the character of the child yet to be conceived, having a profound influence on the mind and body of your unborn child. Quite amazing really, therefore, a good starting place for a conscious pregnancy starts with you and the many different dimensions that comprise you; physical, emotional, psychological, work, in your relationship and in your heart and soul. Through the use of Kinesiology we are able to tap into your body’s innate wisdom and intelligence shedding light on any imbalances in the body’s structural, biochemical, emotional and energetic systems helping to prepare you for the wonderful life altering event ahead.  This is also an excellent opportunity to reprogram any limiting beliefs before bringing a child into the world.


Pre-birth life in the womb profoundly influences long-term health and behaviour. Mother and baby are completely intermingled – your breathing, your hormones, your health habits, what you eat, your stress levels, your thoughts all directly affect the baby. From the moment of conception, the experience in the womb shapes the brain and lays the groundwork for personality, emotional temperament, and the power of higher thought.   If you are under stress your baby will have excess cortisol and other fight/flight hormones affecting the same target tissues and organs as you. In stressful environments fetal blood flows to the muscles and hindbrain and is shunted from the visceral organs and the forebrain. Stress hormones profoundly alter the distribution of blood flow in the fetus and change the character of your developing child’s physiology.  An additional effect of excess cortisol is that it switches the mother’s and the fetus’s systems from a growth state to a protection state. As a result, the growth-inhibiting effect of cortisol in the womb causes babies to be born smaller.  Kinesiology is a powerful tool for dealing with stress in pregnancy and to let go of any associated fears.

Nutritional Support Preconception and Pregnancy

After recently having a baby of my own, I know how taxing pregnancy can be on our bodies, which is why it is essential to look after our nutritional needs as well as our unborn child’s. Nutrient requirements increase during pregnancy and breastfeeding, more so for older mums.  Over the years, numerous studies have linked the use of multivitamins, taken before conception and whilst pregnant, to healthier pregnancy outcomes.  As a practitioner who is dedicated to providing my clients with quality solutions in body-mind-spirit, I am now stocking and selling high-quality, innovative nutritional and therapeutic supplements that are proudly Australian owned. This practitioner only range has an extensive list of products providing complete and comprehensive formula’s for preconception, pregnancy and post pregnancy phases.

Additional Support through Flower Essences

The Birthing harmony Formula

The birthing harmony formula is an essence blend to support harmony during the process of giving birth. Giving birth is a complete surrender to primal forces. This essence helps us surrender into the process rather than feel overtaken by it, helping us to flow with the intensity without the fear of being overwhelmed by it.

The birthing harmony formula helps us to deal with hormonal fluctuations and the challenging emotional states that they provoke. It allows free expression and release of our emotional tension and helps to stimulate our maternal instincts and the desire to nurture. It provides a calming influence for nervous tension, stepping down the intensity of our emotional energy, bringing our emotions into closer alignment with our physical body.

The birthing harmony formula helps us to stay with the process, especially when we feel burnt out and exhausted. It brings us back to our centre – the place within that is witness to life and ourselves. From this perspective we are able to continue, one more breath, one more moment.

This essence also helps us integrate and synthesise all the information we have taken in to prepare us for the birthing experience so that we can draw upon whatever is essential. In the event of previous birth trauma this essence helps us to let go of the past so that it does not cloud our present situation.

The birthing harmony formula is used in conjunction with other flower essence remedies unique to you as an individual and your life experience.  Tailored specifically to your needs via a Kinesiology session this essence is great to use during the last month of pregnancy and right up to the birthing process.

The New Mother’s Formula

New mother’s operate from a much more intuitive or right brained mode of being. It is the perfect state in which to be able to understand their baby’s needs. This formula can help new mother’s find the wisdom and understanding they need inside themselves. It easily opens instinctual and intuitive surges to know our child’s needs and how to nurture them. It supports inner peace and outer giving, nurturing and empathy. It helps keep us centred during hormonal shifts or swings. This formula helps us softly but powerfully be the centre of nurturing.

To find out more on how Kinesiology can assist you throughout the various stages of pregnancy please contact my clinic.