Sluggish Thyroid?

Thyroid gland Thyroid deficiency? Signs and symptoms include weakness, tiredness, sleepiness, cold intolerance, constipation, poor memory, weight gain, infertility and anxiety just to name a few! Here is a basic thyroid test by endocrinologist Broda Barnes which may indicate and underactive thyroid gland. 1st thing in the morning (without any movement in bed) take your temperature using a digital oral thermometer. Normal temperature on rising should be between 36.4 C -36.9 C. If your temperature is 36.1 C or less this could indicate a compromised thyroid function or possible adrenal stress. Repeat test for 5 days consecutively at the same time each morning. Note that this is not a definitive test and may vary slightly between individuals. As for the ladies – your body temp rises at the time of ovulation due to the surge of Luteinizing hormone so don’t test at this time.