Kinesiology Blackburn

Kinesiology is a deeply therapeutic modality, which identifies and corrects imbalances within the physical and energetic structures of the body. By releasing blockages in the “body-mind” we gently stimulate our body’s innate healing ability and natural desire to be well. Using the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Hindu chakra system we are able to restore health and vitality. Kinesiology enables us to gain empowerment over our lives, through understanding ourselves and our condition we allow healing to take place on a deeper and more profound level.  Kinesiology helps clear away any blocks or issues that prevent us from living the life we want to live so we can manifest our full potential and thrive.

 Blackburn is an oasis within metropolitan Melbourne, blessed with tree lined streets, lush parks, gardens and nature settings such as Blackburn Lake. In spite of the relaxed and laid back setting Blackburn is in the heart of a thriving metropolis and as such is not exempt from the pressures of daily living. Stress is proven to be a major contributor to most health conditions and the manifestation of dis-ease.

Kinesiology identifies stress that has settled within the physical, biochemical, emotional and energetic systems of the body and identifies methods by which these stressors can be corrected and balanced. By shedding light on what is having a direct impact on the body’s processes and restoring balance we are able to achieve optimum health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.

Kinesiologist Blackburn

My name is Kristy Allan and I am a Kinesiologist and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist based in Blackburn, Melbourne.  I am dedicated to providing my clients with natural therapies and solutions to their health concerns and challenges. By focusing on the fundamental root causes behind each condition we are able to eliminate the causes of dis-ease and return the body and mind back to health and vitality.

For Kinesiology services in Blackburn and the surrounding Eastern Suburbs please contact Kristy Allan Kinesiology.

 Helping client’s cultivate wellness in mind, body and spirit.

Specialising in the following conditions:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Mental and Emotional Stress
  • Hormone
  • Digestion/Detoxification
  • Immune
  • Life Path
  • Chakra/Aura