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Twin Flames and their role in our Ascension

To balance and harmonise myself when I am out of sorts I spend time in nature. It brings me back to my centre. I also have a psychic connection with nature, when needed trees communicate with me and I receive information relevant to my journey. Yep, I might lose some people here, but that’s ok, those are not the ones that are supposed to be reading this article. Earlier on this year I was going through a particularly rough time and a big beautiful tree at Blackburn Lake spoke to me and informed me that my husband and I are Twin Flames. Every tree I notice thereafter was a single tree that had split into two halves. Co-incidence? I had no idea what a Twin Flame was. I received that this was an important message and had a huge significance but I was yet to know why. Later that day I typed into trusty Google “Twin Flame” and realised that it is actually the other half of your soul. The two who are ONE coming together to create the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy that is the pure creative force of our universe. So we are soul mates and I took it just as that.

A couple of months passed and my intuition kept calling me back to this knowledge, I chose to ignore it. Then I had an extremely challenging client case, it’s definitely not the subject for this discussion, but for the first time in my clinic I encountered a situation where I was unable to help my client, nor did I have anyone to refer her onto that could assist. I spent hours trying to find a practitioner over the next few days to help her. I received some guidance to work with my husband for this client case. As it happens we were able to do a remote session on this client and resolve this issue. The consciousness that we worked with instructed that I could not do this particular work on my own, neither could my husband but we had to do this work together. I was a bit confused and perplexed. Why on earth did I have to bring my husband into my work?! My ego reared its ugly head. It was Steve that asked “is it because we are a twin flame” – I received the answer… YES it was.

This puzzled me, what did it mean, what was I to understand and why were the pieces of this puzzle not falling into place… A couple of days later I had a client who happened to be an intuitive/psychic so I decided to share the Twin Flame knowledge with her and the bizarre notion that my husband and I had to do this particular work together. I must have remarked “why do I have to bring my husband into this”! She said something like “don’t you understand that your combined energy is so much more powerful than just your own”. This got me thinking and I decided to research this matter more. I found a document written by Angela Heart on the physics of Twin Flames. As I read this piece late at night in bed, my whole energetic field started vibrating, I had goosebumps from head to toe and I received the message that this is part of my life’s work. This document provided all the information I required. It even contained some information about the big bang that only two weeks prior, I had for the first time, intuitively felt that we ARE the big bang – that our essence/sprit is what separated from source and caused the big bang. We are it – it is us. It’s not a topic I discuss with people so maybe everyone thinks this, who knows… All I know is that all this information came beautifully together and I am to share it – for there are many other Twin Flames out there, this very knowledge is encoded in their DNA. The Twin Flame energy is required at this time for our ascension and expansion into our true divine nature for we have long been separated from it.

The following information has been taken from Angela Heart’s Twin Flame piece. I have taken bits and pieces out of it for the purpose of this article. If you would like to look at the full document you will be able to find it by Google search. Its title is “Twin Flame Physics Cracking the Code”

The Twin Flame relationship is the ultimate balancing of the two primal forces of creation; the divine feminine and the divine masculine energies. These are not genders, but rather forces or charges and are present in nature, the cosmos and every creation. These two energies, who are in fact one being (for one cannot exist without the other) have been historically been referred to as Twin Souls, Split-aparts, Divine Counterparts and Twin Flames to name a few.

All human beings long to be truly seen, known, embraced and loved; to be cherished for the truth beneath our stories, knowing deep inside that our stories are only ways in which we grow. Every single incarnate soul longs to join with his complementary energy – the other half of his heart. This longing is actually encoded within our DNA to ensure conscious reunion. As we return to a higher consciousness, all will understand that the union we seek is, absolutely and only, the merging of the balance of the Divine Feminie and Divine Masculine aspects of SELF. As twin Flames reunite they become one.

Twin Flames are the very heart cells of Source, as they became the vehicle through which Source expanded self. The first split (Source into Twin Flames) is referred to in the scientific literature as the Big Bang. In spiritual terms it is commonly referred to as the Ongoing Moment of Creation. In this holographic expansion of the Source, each cell created from this union now reflected perfectly these two divine principles; the two who are one – a pure hologram of Source, yet with unique individuality and just enough of a degree of separation to reflect Source perfection back to one another in complementary energy.

Twin Flames extended parts of themselves into lower, slower, more dense levels of consciousness whose vibratory frequency literally created a veil of forgetfulness while each came to understand how to assume his creatorship (i.e. we are made in the image and likeness of God) and individuality. The twin flame energy was split and split and split so we could garner intelligence and wisdom, tasting the tree of good and evil. In this experience of education where individualised ego was intended to assist soul growth and evolution, the density became so congealed, so slow that, for the most part, the soul lost conscious contact with the higher dimensional aspects of its multidimensional self and ego became the sole ruler of identity. In a world disconnected, belief in separation from source, our twin flame, one another and all life became the accepted mass consciousness. Survival became the ego’s playground.

Though things are changing and are about to change even more! The Divine has made the clarion call for the homecoming, for love is the true nature of our being. We are being awakened from the dream theatre of duality for the encoding within our DNA for unity consciousness has been activated. Yet assistance is required. During our evolution and coming to understand how thoughts and feelings create our reality and that we are responsible for our creations and how these creations affect the whole we have created countless destructive energy forms which need to be recycled back into their primary substance for re-use in a constructive fashion. We also need to shatter the belief in separation that was created out of ego. For me 2013 has shown me many patterns throughout my working with clients, it seems we as a collective are moving through this together. It has been interesting indeed to see.

According to Angela Heart (as a great deal of the aforementioned) Source is asking for the return in consciousness of Twin Flames. This is a special dispensation for they have never been allowed to join until such a time as each complementary half has risen to the pure vibration of love. Those beings called to this reunion will be of a certain level of consciousness and have agreed on some level to restore the cosmic DNA patterns – the original divine blueprints of the immaculate concept – and anchor it in this dimension. The birth of the real Twin Flame energies on Earth is the most important, most critical ingredient to the transformation of this world, for they are the leading edge of returning the Christ consciousness to the individual soul.

Angela’s document speaks of the physics of DNA and how our DNA is programmable. When even one being embodies a new consciousness or paradigm, they establish and anchor the pure pattern, this information is then transmitted to receptive DNA within their species. Think the 100th monkey phenomena. When 4.7% of the species connect critical mass is reached and the new trait or consciousness is transmitted. Twin Flames are the lock and the key that “together” open the way to humanity’s transformation and transcendence beyond the ego – hence when recycling particularly negative energies I have to work not by myself but in conjunction with my husband! By accessing our Twin Flame energy we are divine pure light that can lift the most stubborn of energies. By shattering the old energy forms that no longer serve the consciousness of mankind and literally recycle the energy back into its highest frequency.

Twin Flames are required now for several reasons;
1. To awaken humanity
2. To use conscious union to assist in transmuting the energy forms on this dimension within the agreed upon time frame
3. To return this Earth to its true reality of rich, verdant life and beauty, to abundance and ecstasy in perfect pattern and form

So instead of channelling Christ energy, the Twin Flame is the very Christ energy – the perfect electrons, pure, crystal clear. This is where you can change everything with a thought – a touch. When twin flames reunite on any level, they are eligible for direct delivery of light instead of having it transduced by the hierarchy of light. Conscious and deliberate twin flame manifestation happens instantaneously.

So this was the explanation I was desperately seeking. It all made so much sense and gave me piece of mind. This year in particular, I have worked with many unusual as well as difficult client cases, I often pondered why I was attracting so many like cases. What did it mean about me? Was it positive or negative? Was it because of my training? Was it my soul’s path? I now realise it is because my husband and I have the combined energy to help lift some of the more stubborn negative influences that impede our natural self-expression. This is the work we are here to do.

Our Earth and our Solar System is undergoing a major transformational process which is raising the vibrational consciousness of mankind. This year has been a really intense time for many. We are shedding our “stuff” so to speak and we don’t seem to have a choice in the matter, it’s happening regardless as to if you want to participate or not. With change comes fear and anxiety, this is where we need to navigate these times with love and trust in our hearts and surrender to the new cosmic flow of energy- knowing that as a collective we are working towards a brighter and better future. This is a time when we must release the old energies of our past and all our karmic baggage. Every soul is going through a period of cleansing and balancing of old karma for this shift to occur. We are required to work on mind, body and spirit. There is no one ultimate way, we must walk our own path and follow our own truth. December 2012 came and went without a fuss and I questioned its significance yet in my heart I know we are riding the winds of transformation. I see and work with it every day and it is only just the beginning. It is my souls calling to assist in this alchemical process both through my own healing work and the Twin Flame energy.

If this article strikes a chord in you energetic field, particularly when reading about the Twin Flame union, then it’s most likely that your DNA has been activated and this information is also relevant to YOU. Great times are ahead and you are needed in our ascension process.

I am only in the infancy of this work and do not know where it will take us. But I have unwavering faith and that allows me to go along with all the randomness. Recently I received a text message from a client two days after his session which is further validation for the work I am doing. Intuitively I picked up that his brother had a dark energy form with him, he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia some years earlier. This is the message I received from my client. “Hi my grandmother and mother just told me they’ve noticed positive changes in my brother. They say he seems to have a much better/calmer energy. And I didn’t tell them about our session. Hopefully this is the beginning of a turn around and healing for him. Thank-you”

This afternoon I worked on a beautiful 16 year old girl who tried to commit suicide last week. She has spent 4 years in psychotherapy and last week gave into the negative voices in her need and attempted to take her own life. In her session spirit directed me to some information in one of my books and I will quote it here. “To the people who consider these techniques as viable modalities in clinical practice and who use some variation of the approaches described in this manual, we salute you. You are the forerunners of a new order of mental health facilitators and spiritual healers. The personal experience of the client will no longer remain submerged due to the fear and disbelief of the traditional psychotherapist” I was so honoured and pleased to receive this information and validation for the work I do but also for my client (whose condition cannot be explained by more linear therapies) and has had to endure such an awful 4 years of her precious and have numerous therapists not believe her and assume her consciousness was the sole source of her distress in which it was not.

Everyday I am learning and client by client the pieces of the puzzle are being put together. It’s interesting how I have not advertised in any way shape of form this type of “energy” work yet so many of the clients I see require this specific form of healing. Again, a coincidence? I think not.

I’m on the ascension pathway and I am here to assist those who want to come. Just as with the many other light-workers out there doing wonderful, wonderful things. We are all in this together AND we will succeed in returning to our divine nature. For it is so.

In Divine Light, Love and Wisdom.

Energy Healing

Part of the reason as to why I studied Kinesiology was to ground my desire to do healing work in anatomy and physiology. I wanted to anchor my esoteric knowledge within the confines and safety of physicality. Hands-on healing work was a little too lofty and scary for me to claim as my profession – despite it being a calling from a young age. So I learned about the body and the manifestation of dis-ease. I certainly don’t know it all and don’t profess to, however learning as much as I can has given me the confidence to work with hundreds of clients and many a condition. The more experienced I become in clinic the more and more I am being guided to go higher – into the realms of our multidimensional anatomy, into the world of energy and spirit.

Although I have always had a love and interest in energy healing and trained with various forms, the most significant event which was the catalyst to my healing abilities was upon meeting a Tibetan Yogi. I had a profound spiritual experience and my hands were further activated from this meeting. My hands channel healing energy and move without the involvement of my conscious/rational mind. Because I work so energetically in clinic I thought I would write about the aura/energetic field.
The recognition that all matter is energy forms the foundation for understanding how human beings can be considered a dynamic energetic system. The body is a complex network of interwoven energy fields that coordinate our life force and animates our physical expression. This energy field is said to guide the growth and development as well as the dysfunction and demise of all human beings. It is these fields which generate physical matter, not the other way around. From what is known about the aura or body’s energetic field, diseases appear to be seen in the etheric field weeks and months prior to their becoming manifest in the physical body.

Our energetic field represents our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. It is comprised of subtle energy on the physical/etheric, astral, mental and casual planes of existence. By rebalancing these energy fields we in turn help to regulate our cellular physiology. Healing that takes place in the higher frequencies of our existence is thought to be more powerful than healing on a physical level. So emotional healing is thought to be more powerful than physical healing, mental healing (thought forms and beliefs) is said to be more powerful than emotional healing and spiritual healing is said to be the most powerful of all. One if my favourite quotes is “Heal the soul first then the mind and body will follow”. This became quite pertinent to me when I received some intuitive guidance to look beyond the physical, it came at a time where I was considering doing another course and felt the need to dig deeper into the workings of the human body. For me, I was instructed to go beyond the physical and into the spiritual domain of our being.

Our unique energy systems are powerfully affected by our emotions, thoughts, spiritual balance as well as nutritional and environmental factors. If the energetic field is healthy and orderly, the body resides in a state of health. When the energetic field is distorted and its organised patterns become disrupted by a wide variety of influences, the physical body slowly follows suit by manifesting dis-ease. Energy healing helps to transform the energetic patterns that create the dysfunctional patterns that ultimately filter down to a physical level. Energy healing in the higher spiritual dimensional frequencies attempts to heal from the primary level of dis-ease, working with distortions at the mental, emotional as well as physical levels of the body. When working at this level I am often working with the client’s higher self, guides, angels and masters as well as the divine source itself, shifting the client back to better balance in mind, body and spirit. Just as I was instructed, working at this multidimensional level is vitally important as dis-ease does not just originate at the physical level, something we often forget.

Tuning into the subtle energies of my clients and using Kinesiology as a tool to probe their higher mind into revealing the root causes of dysfunction or dis-ease, I use energy healing in conjunction with vibrational remedies such as flower essences to shift disharmonious or abnormal patterns of energy flow that contribute to distress and dis-ease. If you are searching for answers then it’s a possibility that you may need to look a little higher, into the multidimensional anatomy of your being, beyond the physical plane.

Kristy Allan Kinesiology in Melbourne

The world is growing tired of modern medicine and its failure to properly handle some dis-eases. More and more people are turning to alternative treatments such as kinesiology to address their ailments, a decision which is helping them achieve lasting results. As a leading kinesiologist in Melbourne, Kristy Allan specialises in treating the person as a whole (mind, body, and spirit) not just the symptoms or the sum of parts. Kristy believes that the true path to perfect health includes all of these elements and she strives to bring about balance and harmony throughout all of these systems to get you feeling healthy and whole once more.

Kristy has helped clients all throughout the Melbourne area; working as a kinesiologist in Fertree Gully, Box Hill, Doncaster, Ringwood, Dandenong, Wantirna and many other suburbs throughout Melbourne. It is her experience and many success stories that make her the preferred kinesiolgist in the eastern suburbs.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is one of the most comprehensive and holistic systems of modern natural health care. Its art and science stems from both eastern and western traditions, beautifully blending anatomy and physiology with the energetic systems that science is yet to completely comprehend. It is a modality that focuses on all the fundamental levels of our being, mind, body and spirit.

Kinesiology’s greatest potential is its ability to tap into our own mind-body wisdom. By shedding light on what is having a direct influence on the body’s processes, we are given the key to unlocking and releasing people’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual pain.

Many people who select me as their kinesiologist in Melbourne come away with a “wow” factor, wondering how on earth I was able to pin point personal and relevant information as well as factors contributing to the clients presenting complaints. In fact, many people think kinesiologists are psychic in nature due to the accuracy of information presented in a session. As intuitive as I am, the truth lies with the client. The client has all of his or her own answers, the truth of any situation, past or present. The task of me, as a therapist, is to guide the client in discovering these truths. In working with the client’s innate intelligence, namely the subconscious and higher self, we are able to allow the process to lead back to the cause, past the smoke screen of protest by the conscious mind, to seek the key which can unlock each person’s dysfunction and dis-ease. For only by discovering the hidden cause is the healing likely to be lasting.

How Kinesiology works

Communication with the client’s subconscious and higher mind is established through the use of an indicator muscle, namely the brachioradialis located in the forearm. The kinesiologist and the client form an energetic circuit where communication flows freely between the two individuals. The kinesiologist will be asking the client’s body if the ailment or complaint is located at a structural, biochemical, mental/emotional or spiritual level and the client’s body responds via the indicator muscle. The kinesiologist reads the physical and energetic imprint of the presenting issue and what is required to restore function and balance. Usually multiple factors are involved, and through my experience as a practitioner, it appears everything the body manifests first began on an energetic level, brought into being by thought processes, facilitated by emotions and then physically realised. This is why there is so much more to our health problems than meets the eye. Mind, body and spirit are inseparable and that which affects one will inevitably affect the other.

Kinesiology addresses the connection between the patient’s consciousness and his or her complaints. The body has an innate ability and desire to be healthy. Given the opportunity, it also has the amazing capacity to heal itself. The process of healing involves fusing together the fracture that splits body from mind and erasing dysfunctional patterns that contribute to the dis-ease state. Due to the nature of us as unique individuals with our own unique life experiences, no two kinesiology sessions will ever be the same. I find this aspect of kinesiology so refreshing and to be a true patient centred approach to health and wellbeing.

Through practising Kinesiology in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, I have seen the phenomena of the mind-body connection constantly at work, where emotional or psychological factors are responsible for changes in physiology. Some examples include: an emotion stopping a cell taking up a vital nutrient; a thought form triggering imbalances within the hormonal system; a supressed trauma causing an organ system to become imbalanced; a deeply held belief causing neurotransmitter irregularities – the list is endless.

Restore balance and you restore function. As the client’s body is the guiding intelligence in kinesiology, there is no second guessing the root cause of the problem. A kinesiology session is all about peeling back the layers to reveal the many factors that have been involved in the manifestation of the dis-ease. Sometimes this is a quick resolution and other times more sessions are required. The client’s innate wisdom is the one who determines the revelations and progress suited to their individual needs. Nothing is given that the client can’t handle. Gentle techniques are used to restore the body back to balance, including acupressure and various form of vibrational medicine. Vibrational healing is a powerful form of medicine that bypasses the physical. It has the ability to clear old limiting beliefs and effectively restores and promotes free flowing vital energy to the cells and tissues of our bodies. Lifestyle modifications and nutritional recommendations form part of the whole client approach.

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